Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Ground Reality of a KARGIL FIGHTER - SALUTE to the INDIAN ARMY

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poem - Jeevan ki Is Dagar Mein

जीवन की इस डगर में 

जीवन की इस डगर में, आएँगे कई मोड़ 
कुछ बढ़ाएंगे हौसला, कुछ देंगे उनको तोड़ 
हर मोड़ का जीवन में, करना डटकर सामना 
ना होना तू हताश, है यही कामना 

जीवन में हो कुछ ध्येय, हो जीतने की प्यास 
पाने उस ध्येय को, कर निरंतर प्रयास
कभी आएगा नया अवसर, कभी मुश्किलों का सामना
गर जाना है मंजिल पर, भय को न तू थामना 

बन मस्ती का मौला, ले हर पल का आनंद,
तेरे जीवन प्रवास में, हो मस्ती का भी रंग,
मत भूल तेरे ध्येय को, जो तुझको है पाना
तेरे इस प्रयत्न में, जीना न छोड़ना

जीवन की इस डगर में, आएँगे कई मोड़ 
कुछ बढ़ाएंगे हौसला, कुछ देंगे उनको तोड़ 
हर मोड़ का जीवन में, करना डटकर सामना 
ना होना तू हताश, है यही कामना 

द्वारा - मनीष बी. तर्देजा 

Do Good, Climb High............. गर मन में है विश्वास तो हर राह है आसान...............

Saturday, March 31, 2012


A Really Inspiring Thought by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, to the YOUTH of the country.......

Nothing is impossible
Sep 6 2007

Human flight is nothing but creativity of human mind and it undergoes several struggles to achieve excellence. In 1895, a great well-known scientist Lord Kelvin, who was the President of Royal Society of London said, "any thing heavier than air cannot fly, and cannot be flown." Within a decade, Wright Brothers proved man could fly of course at heavy risk and cost.

On the successful completion of Moon Mission in 1969, Von Braun, a very famous rocket designer, who built Saturn-V, to launch the capsule with astronauts and made moon walk a reality, in 1975 said "If I am authorized, I will remove the word impossible".

In ancient days, Ptolemaic astronomy is a widely used system in calculating the dynamics of various stars and planets. Assumption by then was that the earth is flat. What a scientific struggle had to take place to prove that the earth is spherical in shape orbiting around the sun. The three great astronomers Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler had to give a new dimension to the world of astronomy. Today we take it for granted that earth is a globe, orbiting around the sun, and the sun orbits in the Milky Way. All the technological advancements we have today are the outcome of scientific exploration of scientists of earlier centuries. At no time, man was beaten by problems. He strives continuously to subjugate impossibility and then succeeds.

According to the laws of aerodynamics the bumble bee should never be able to fly. Because of the size, weight, and shape of its body in relationship to the total wing span, flying is scientifically impossible. The bumble bee, being ignorant of scientific theory, goes ahead and flies anyway.

By, Dr. APJ Abdulkalam

The Commitment and Dedication turns the Impossible to Possible, 'coz the word Impossible itself says - "I M POSSIBLE" - CA. Manish Tardeja

Waiting for your Comments........

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chartered Accountancy as a Profession
Chartered Accountancy - A Challenging Profession offers practice or job opportunities in the areas of accounting, auditing, corporate finance and other business laws, taxation and corporate governance.
The multi-faceted knowledge a chartered accountant enjoys through unique academic programme blended with practical training is what the business and industry need in the advent of globalization of Indian economy. A globally acclaimed profession capable of offering new vistas to young talents, a vision to build a career and a new idea to blossom - invites you to join the CA course and be a proud member of the glorious profession.
Career Opportunities for Chartered Accountants
Independent Professional Practice :
As practitioners of public accounting, CAs may start professional practice as a proprietor or join any existing firm as a partner or staff member. A CA provides compliance and review services. He also acts as a business advisor by providing all kinds of services including the preparation of financial reports, helping the business to secure loans, preparing financial projections, etc.
Management Consultancy Services :

CAs play a vital role in assisting business and industry to improve the use of their resources, increase their efficiency and achieve their objectives. The range of management advisory services rendered by CAs reflect their expertise in diverse areas like financial management, strategic management, planning and financial policy determination, etc.

Opt for lndustry / Government Organisation :

A CA may prefer to join an industry or government department and ultimately hold responsible positions. Many Chartered Accountants hold responsible positions in business or industrial firms as CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Managing Directors, etc.
Benefits of Being a CA
Chartered Accountancy is a unique profession. It combines analytical requirements and intuitive genius with updated general awareness and top class skills of communication. A successful CA develops all the above virtues and practices them day in and day out. 
Passing the arduous ICAI course, helps him to develop tremendous self respect and boosts his confidence in his abilities. A Chartered Accountant derives further benefits as listed below:-

Positions like top Executives, Trustees, Directors, Consultants, and Auditors.
Substantially large pay packages, if the CA opts for service.
Large emoluments/fees if the CA opts for practice.
A leverage to end up in top management of MNC's and other organisations.
The ability to handle large and small business with efficient planning.
A very high recognition and status in the society.
A fame and name renowned as one of the society’s intellectuals.
The capacity to be an efficient organizer.
The resultant material wealth and well-being.
And many more…

The progress and success that a CA can achieve through his own creativity and intellect is, naturally, unaccounted