History of ZPA

Way back in 1973 a young man, having just passed the gruelling course of Chartered Accountancy, decided to tread a different path. While others of his age debated between Practice and Service, this youngster decided to teach, to pass on his wealth of knowledge to others. Thank God ! say our present lot of students because this man is none other than CA. Shiwaji B. Zaware, the founder-director of what is known across the length and breadth of India as the Zaware's Professional Academy Pvt. Ltd. The man who has become a saviour and guide to those who decide to tread this arduous path of being a Chartered Accountant; the man whose gigantic experience, intellect and keen sense of humour still continue to harbor his undying devotion to teaching.

Born in 1973, ZPAPL, a Pioneer in many ways than one, is today one of the most well known institutions for aspiring Chartered Accountants. From Lokmanya Tilak's Kesri Wada, where lectures were conducted early on, to the present location in the sprawling Indulal Complex, it has been built on hard work and dedication.

Gathering state-of-the-art infrastructure and top-of-the-line professionals as teaching faculty, ZPAPL is a chosen destination for students of Chartered Accountancy all over India. On 18th September 1997 the Academy celebrated its Silver Jubilee in Pune.

From 1973 itself ZPAPL has provided its coaching in the Intermediate and Final Course of C.A. In 1992 the Foundation Course got added when the ICAI introduced it as an early entry point for students. When the ICAI revised the Course Structure in 2001, the Academy was geared for the change and academy was first to launch the batches of Professional Education I (PE-I) and Professional Education II (PE-II) of the restructured course.

In 2006, the ICAI, in order to keep in tune with the dynamic international global scenario, restructured Chartered Accountancy Course as well as its Examination pattern. Once again the Academy accepted this new challenge and began coaching more than thousand students according to the New Revised Curriculum with common Proficiency Test (CPT) and Professional Competence Course (PCC) from July 2006.

In 2008 ICAI again made changes to the structure and academy adapted to the change by commencing the batches for Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC).

With hundreds of All India Merit Rankers, more than 19 Diamonds since 1991 (those who stand in the First five positions of the All India Merit Ranking), the Academy is today a hub of information and knowledge shared by CA. S. B. Zaware and his team of highly trained professional teachers.